Blank Canvas


The spring wedding season is well underway and we have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing couples.

We have been everywhere from open remote fields under vast starry skies, to some truly exquisite and grand venues and each event different to the last. This got us thinking about what really makes a wedding “unique” what makes it really stand out and become a lasting a cherished memory. What is the dream day that let’s face it, we are all searching for? 

Today the wedding sector is flooded with comprehensive and quirky offerings on sale from arguably some of the most passionate professionals and business owners you will ever have the pleasure to meet. But no matter how beautiful these ‘things’ are and how original they may seem they are not the secret ingredient. You only have to visit a few wedding fairs to notice that there are the same ‘things’ on offer time and time again. Lovingly crafted yes, and beautifully displayed yes but, this doesn’t give you uniqueness. And actually, that’s ok isn’t it? We know what we like and as long as it is good quality at the right price - sign me up. 

But, In our experience it is not the carefully chosen colour scheme or the beautifully hand crafted floral arrangements.  It’s not the fact that the wedding breakfast has been given the Heston Blumenthal treatment or even (stay with me.....) the perfect dress! All of these things are hugely fun but remember they are just part of the bigger picture. 

We have found that the truly memorable weddings, the ones that have really touched our hearts, have all been because of those little personal touches, the loving words woven in to the  vows and speeches. The tender glances of cherished family members captured carefully by clever photographers. Having that old school-friend there by your side to steady your nerves. But most importantly it is simply the atmosphere that you as a couple actually create wherever you go. And guess what - this is absolutely free. You don't have to hire it in. You don't have to pay a deposit on it just in case it gets broken and, you don’t have to give it back at the end of the day! It is after all, a celebration of the coming together of two individuals beginning a new life together and embracing the future. Nothing more complicated. 

Our conclusion is to keep things simple. Make bold statements but you can do this with words and actions rather than with expensive props. Investing in the essentials is necessary and ok, that includes the “perfect dress”  ( and a fabulous bar !) but prioritise what makes your heart skip and what makes the day run smoothly. 

Choose your suppliers carefully and they will help you to l keep things simple and seamless for you leaving your personalities to leave their mark on the day and in the hearts of your family and friends. 

Lela Robinson